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Epoca Ballpen Mint

Epoca Ballpen Mint

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Known to be comfortably reliable, the Epoca ballpen has been a classic in its homeplace of Sweden as well as all around the world. It feels light in your hand yet extremely durable, with a stainless steel tip. The ink of the pen can write up to 8000 m before running out, perfect encouragement for any writing projects that lie ahead. Pen refills in black and blue available here.

Ballograf was founded in 1945 by Eugene Spitzer, an Austrian man that found comfort in Sweden during World War II. Production began in his garage, then later expanded after huge success in the Nordic countries. The name Ballograf is a composition of the words "ballo" which means bullet and the word "graph" which means writing, a perfect metaphor for how the classic ballpoints have influenced performance and traveled all over the world. 

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