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Mille Feuille

Block Notebook

Block Notebook

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The Block Notebook comes in dove gray and pale pink, unlike most notebooks, these colors extend beyond the covers to the pages inside. With the gray on gray notebook and the white on pink notebook, there is a subtle pleasure in writing and drawing on a page that isn't white. The gray and pink are light enough to allow for visibility with any color of ink or graphite and yet ideas and forms take shape on a different color ground. With a lay-flat binding, use this notebook for writing, drawing, or sketching. A durable outer cover makes this block is a beautiful item to keep on your desk, but will also be safe in a bag.  

400 pages 
Approximate dimensions: 6" x 8" x .8"

"Kami no Mille-feuille" is a new brand of paper products made in Japan. They create layered paper products, making for unique notebooks, pads, and blocks. 

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