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Jean Cate

Blue Tray I

Blue Tray I

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This Facture Goods + Martha Mae Collaboration Ceramics hold the element of air and whimsical clouds in this tray. This beautiful painterly tray is perfectly functional and is excellent for serving afternoon tea or can easily be displayed on a wall with its accompanying plate hanger. The plump clouds roly-poly their way through the scene in a playful tone with the cool blues framing them. Various saturations of blue join in the cloud movements together in the three clouds. 

Measures 11.5" x 15.5"

Jean Cate is a Chicago based artist and owner of Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things. She studied painting, drawing and ceramics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She creates evocative paintings and drawings exploring atmosphere, isolation, emptiness and harmony within chaos.

“Each piece by Facture Goods has been made with my own two hands. I love to combine different materials in interesting and unexpected ways. I work with hardwoods, clay and metals to create small batch kitchen wares, utensils and provisions with a “primitive modern” aesthetic. By creating work that is somewhat rough, even crude, I am able to get my voice and touch into the work easily.” Aron Fisher, developer of Facture Goods, Chicago. 

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