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Ajoto Brass Natural Spun

Ajoto Brass Natural Spun

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Each brass pen is precision machined from a solid bar of special lead-free brass using state of the art manufacturing techniques then spun and polished by hand. The design is classic, simple and clean, which over time, oxidises and develops a rich and deep natural patina. The lead-free brass is also antimicrobial and naturally eliminates and kills harmful bacteria, which makes it great for use in sterile environments. The brass pen features a signature .6mm rollerball ink cartridge. It has a heavy body and a fluid, velvety line quality. The pen comes wrapped in a cushioned molded cork tray.

Length: 5 3/8"

Refills available here.

Founded in 2011 in Manchester, England Ajoto is a company with acute self awareness. Every aspect of production is openly mapped for customers, from the source materials mined in Australia and the USA to the water jet cutting done in Hull, England and the cork farming in Lisbon, Portugal. Ajoto’s inspiration and company philosophy is based on the idea of “the journey” and each pen is a product of a carefully routed path of skilled craftsmanship. The making of each pen is just the beginning. Each pen has a lifetime warranty. 


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