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Brassing Portable Fountain Pen

Brassing Portable Fountain Pen

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This portable fountain pen creates a new way to bring your fountain pen with you. You can hang it on your bag and open it to start writing. The pen writes steady and smooth. The nib is a German Schmidt nib and it comes with a converter inside. It's a true eye catcher and a wonderful gift. It comes in a beautiful black gift box. 

This pen is made of solid brass, with a black exterior and thin brass edges it is customizable with a piece of fine sand paper included to further customize the finish. IIt comes with one maple pen case (in black color), and 2 twelve inch leather strings (in black and brown) for attaching to a bag as an accessory. 

Brass, Copper, Hexagonal Shape
5.5" X .25" 
Come with a converter included (International Standard Cartridge Type)
Pre-filled refills available here


Ystudio is a design team out of Taiwan. The lines of their products are deceptively simple because so much information is related through weight. The way the hexagonal design feels in the hand, the way the weight of the pens and pencils almost lean towards the paper. All products are made in local factories in Taiwan.

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