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Hanaduri A5 Mint Hanji Book- Dot Grid

Hanaduri A5 Mint Hanji Book- Dot Grid

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This dot grid Hanji notebook by Hanaduri has a hand-silkscreened, bright mint cover. This durable and lightweight A5 notebook is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Hanji, the name of traditional handmade paper of Korea, has been in use for over one thousand years and is environmentally friendly since it uses only the bark of the mulberry tree and not the tree itself. One day, Hanji could be a material that is used as a thoughtful alternative to plastics and other non-recyclable materials to help preserve nature and our future. Hanji is pleasant to the eye and soft to the touch with a smooth texture. It is naturally strong and durable, not tearing easily. Hanji's sturdiness has allowed it to be used for various purposes such as for art materials, stationery, and everyday household goods. 

5.8" x 8.3"
40 dotted sheets

HANADURI is a multi-disciplinary craft & design studio founded by twin sisters based in Seoul. We specialize in crafting handmade products that are reinterpreted in our own unique styles with motifs of nature, culture and everyday life.

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