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Micron Pen in Orange

Micron Pen in Orange

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Micron pens are felt tip pens that come in 7 point sizes to create precise lines. The Pigma ink in Micron pens is archival quality on paper: waterproof, chemical resistant, fade resistant, bleed free, quick drying, and Ph neutral.  For work or for play, Pigma Micron pens are loyally used by designers, scientists, archivists, architects, artists, cartoonists, illustrators, and craft hobbyists. 

In the early 80’s Sakura found a need to develop writing instruments using superior, stable pigment based inks, rather than the dye based inks used in most pens at the time, thus creating Pigma Ink. Having such a long history with this specialized ink, Sakura has been able to constantly improve upon its formula resulting in the smoothest flow, stable pigment colors, and consistent line widths. Sakura’s products containing Pigma ink are ACMI certified safe to use. Pigma has become the standard for what is defined as archival ink, relied upon by those whose professions depend on marks that stand the test of time. The properties of Pigma ink create magic on paper for millions of users.

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