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Find Ring Note in Grey

Find Ring Note in Grey

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A versatile A5 spiral notebook with a polished, professional look featuring a sophisticated copper foil edge and foolscap paper for a smooth writing experience. This minimalist notebook has 80 pages with an incredibly fine yet still easy to see 2.5mm grid on both sides of each page. 

5.8” x 8.3”
80 double-sided grid pages

“I do not seek, I find” is the philosophy behind the Kunisawa line of notebooks. The words also exemplify the concept behind the Kunisawa brand. “High-quality notebooks with visible watermarks. The sound of the tip of a pen gliding across paper. These are the concepts that inspire us.”

​The motif of the Kunisawa brand logo is based on the mythical Japanese three-legged crow called "Yatagarasu." Due to using a golden luminance to guide Emperor Jimmu on his journey through the dark roads of Kumano, Yatagarasu is celebrated as the "God of Guidance.” The three legs represent "heaven," "earth," and "humanity," indicating that all three are brothers born of the same sun. "We use Yatagarasu as a symbol of business people that are casting a bright light on the future and inspiring the world."

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