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Hakomasu Tray, Small

Hakomasu Tray, Small

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These trays can be perfectly stacked in a variety of arrangements of small, medium, and large trays as well as shallow and deep trays. Use with lids to make closed boxes or leave open to store your items. Start with a large tray as a base and set a medium tray on top and a small tray on top of that or stack four small trays one over another to make a tower on your desktop. We love these boxes because of their endless flexibilities and how many arrangements can be made to fit the items you need to store. These Masu boxes are handcrafted in Ogaki-City, Gifu Prefecture of Japan. Made from Hinoki (Japanese Cypress Tree), the Ohashi Masu will last a long time with proper care. Keep your box away from water, and if you get it wet, wipe dry with a cloth. The lids are a white manmade marble, which situate perfectly atop of each box.

Small Box - 3" x 3" x 2"
Small Tray - 3" x 3" x 1"

Masu boxes were traditionally used in Japan for measuring rice and soy sauce, now they’re often used for drinking sake or as part of spring offerings. “Masu” translates to “growth” so the Masu box is associated with prosperity and good luck. For over 60 years Ohashi has been the leading maker of traditional Masu boxes as well as new designs that incorporate traditional construction. Each box is notched together without nails, using shape and small amounts of adhesive. No cypress trees are felled for these boxes, they effectively recycle lumber deemed unfit for other building purposes because of shape or size.

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