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Holy Silver Green Pocket Size Notebook

Holy Silver Green Pocket Size Notebook

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Designed with beauty and function in mind, this gorgeous holy silver notebook is a bright spot in any dreary day. Not only is the notebook easy to write in, thanks to the use of creamy and blank paper, but it is durable. The side stitching and attractive cover provides plenty of protection and ensures that pages won't come loose and fall out. Perfect for drawing, doodling, and collecting one's thoughts.

Features a spine stitch

96 pages

4 1/2" x 6" 


mishmash is a Portuguese handmade minimalist office supplies brand that aims to break through the mind of every design enthusiast by presenting a selection of disruptive products. Aiming to fill a gap in a stagnant market, mishmash is triggering the creativity in every mind by looking inside objects, emphasizing their different functions and purposes. mishmash creates a visionary way of looking at an object by enhancing simplicity through a complexity of thought and design, the idea that minimalism is not merely frugal. mishmash does not seek to adorn its products, rather preferring to highlight their natural colours with a careful selection of materials, keeping in mind that quality is of utmost importance.

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