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Horadam Watercolor Sets

Horadam Watercolor Sets

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Schmincke Horadam Watercolors are high quality, professional watercolors that have a few special characteristics. The optimum amount of ox-gall is added to each color to give artists ultimate control with the flow and distribution of color. The binder which is used is Kordofan Gum Arabic from the Southern Sahara region. The paint is also fully reusable when dried on a palette as Schmincke use the same formulation for their tubes and pans. Schmincke Horadam whole pan watercolor sets, containing whole pan samples of the Horadam range, in a steel plate box with thumb-grip, fold-out palette and lid palette

Two chemists, related by marriage, founded Schmincke in 1881. Their goal was to find resin based oil paint recipes, a tradition beginning to die out prior to the invention of metal tubing which would keep the paint preserved. Not only did they reinvigorate the oil painting tradition but they spent a decade developing a water color recipe that would better the paints then coming out of England. Horadam Aquarell is still patented. More than one hundred years later, nothing can defy it’s color quality.

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