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3 Oysters

Hunminjeongeum Ink Jeon - Emerald Green

Hunminjeongeum Ink Jeon - Emerald Green

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This 18 mL. ink celebrates the essence of Korean culture and color.  All colors are pH neutral, made from water-based dyes and are non-permanent. Rather than being flashy with loads of saturation or sheen, these inks are a well-behaved set, mellow in their appearance with an understated rich quality. 

Comes in beautiful minimal packaging and a 18 mL glass bottle. 


The 3 Oysters company creates fine fountain pen ink made in Korea. In Korea they compare good things to honey. The idiom "to put a honeycomb in the house" means to hide good things. In the West, good things are compared to an oyster. Oysters have hard shells and are hard to open, but with the right tools the job is easy. So why 3 Oysters? The name comes from the 3 tools used in writing: pen, ink, paper.


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