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Kyo No Oto

Kyo No Oto Ink: Kokeiro

Kyo No Oto Ink: Kokeiro

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This Kokeiro ink from the Kyo No Oto line of inks is a soft mossy green hue. Kokeiro is a warm, natural shade of green, and is inspired by the moss that grows on the trees and rocks in the gardens of Kyoto. These inks are excellent for fountain pens and dip pens, as well as other ink media. Because the inks are produced in small batches, the color may vary slightly from one bottle to another. 

Each bottle holds 40ml

Kyo No Oto inks are made in Kyoto, Japan and are produced in small batches, crafted according to traditional Japanese ink making techniques. The inks are inspired by famous and fascinating places in Kyoto which are the expression of its rich history and profound culture.

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