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Limited Edition 419 Scrikss Fountain Pen - Black

Limited Edition 419 Scrikss Fountain Pen - Black

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An elegant, classic writing tool, the new Scrikss 419 is a limited edition remake of the legendary Scrikss 419 first produced in the early 1970s. This pen has all the advantages of a traditional pen such as the screw-on cap, ink-level window, and the piston mechanism of the ink tank that is integrated from the factory into the body of the pen. The pen also features a scratch and dent resistant acrylic resin body and medium 23k gold-plated stainless-steel nib and clip. Because the piston mechanism is integrated into the body of the pen, this pen does not require the use of detachable cartridges or converters. To refill the pen with ink, submerge the entire nib in a bottle of fountain pen ink. Then twist the end knob on the back of the pen until the piston is fully extended. Last, twist the knob in the opposite direction, drawing the ink up inside the converter.

5" closed, 5.8" posted.

Derived from the Spanish word "Escribir" (writing), Scrikss was founded in Turkey in 1963 and has since
become the undisputed leader in the Turkish market and the largest manufacturer and distributor of writing instruments in the Asia Minor region. Since their conception, Scrikss aimed at "effortless writing" with its instruments and offers exceptional quality and design.

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