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Natural Maple Palette Watercolor Bundle

Natural Maple Palette Watercolor Bundle

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Inspired by the magical maple tree in spring with its chartreuse tree flowers, the silver grey and deep black of its trunk. This watercolor palette brings nature inside or wherever you want to practice your art.  

Each set includes:
Inaatig-Maple Pan 8
Watercolor Spiral Sketchbook Hot Press 8x8
Atelier Squirrel Quill Size 00


This palette comes from the heart of the Maple Sugar Bush, c inspired by the magical tree in spring with its chartreuse tree flowers, the silver grey and deep black of its trunk.Set in a cross-section of a dry sugar maple branch, each one marked with unique marbling that comes from slow dry aging maple. Grey Ultra, Cloudless Sulphur, Red Sugar Maple, Bread, Wintery Night, Timberwolf, Wintery Night, Milkweed paints included. 

With their cloth covers and lay flat bindings, these 24 sheet sketchbooks are perfect to travel with. You can rip out the pages so that your paintings can live outside of the book. The black sketchbooks have hot press 140lb cotton rag paper that provides a smoother surface to create on. While the green sketchbooks have a more textured cold press paper that will give some dimension to your work. They're soft, absorbent and and take layers of colors beautifully. 

Atelier™ Squirrel Hair Quills feature a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. These brushes are very thirsty and have a full belly for absorbing a maximum amount of liquid. Colors flows beautifully onto silk or paper in sweeping strokes that add detail blending marks to your painting. Excellent for laying down a wash, wet-in-wet techniques, fine lines, broad strokes, petals and leaves. 

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