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Mono Zero Eraser

Mono Zero Eraser

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Tombow's Mono Zero Erasers are a good tool for cleaning up detailed sketches, drafting work and technical drawings. Each eraser features a pen style body which makes erasing even the smallest lines a simple task. With a clickable top and pen clip, they are versatile and convenient for travel. The erasers will erase cleanly without damaging the paper being worked on. 

Refill erasers available here.
5" long

In Japanese “Tombow” translates to dragonfly and this logo endures after 105 years in the pencil industry. They are known for fine quality color as well as innovative new inks and markers. At Martha Mae, we especially appreciate the way color lays down and blends in their Irojiten colored pencils. Separated into comprehensive tonal volumes and packaged like books, these pencils give an encyclopedia impression of color.

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