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Pencil Lead Box

Pencil Lead Box

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If you often use mechanical pencils, you know that the lead is extremely fragile and breakable. This hexagonal brass pencil lead box is for storing lead of mechanical pencils without numerous plastic vials in your bag or desk drawer. The base is threaded and the top screws on smoothly. This lead box is designed to carry leads shorter than 63mm, which is normally 0.5mm/0.7mm/0.9mm mechanical pencil. 

The brass will change naturally through use and exposure to the environment. The oxidation is harmless and we hope each product gains individual marks through the constant use of its owner. However it can be restored to its original luster by wiping with copper oil. 

3 3/8" long
1/4" diameter  

Ystudio is a design team out of Taiwan. The lines of their products are deceptively simple because so much information is related through weight. The way the hexagonal design feels in the hand, the way the weight of the pens and pencils almost lean towards the paper. All products are made in local factories in Taiwan.

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