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Andrew Jessup

Reversible Sculptural Vessel

Reversible Sculptural Vessel

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A reversible ceramic sculptural vessel by Chicago-based artist, Andrew Jessup. The salt fired piece is glazed with hues of rust, ivory, bronze, and umber swirling throughout the organic shapes and folds of the surface. Layers of striation create a marbling effect, the light catching hints of the shimmery metallic glaze dispersed among the earthy tones. This striking piece is reversible, so the “bottom” and the “top” of the vessel can be switched, allowing its overall form and interior depth to be changeable. 

The vessel is approx. 17.5” tall
The narrower end is approx. 4” in diameter with an interior depth of approx. 11”
The wider end is approx. 6.5” in diameter with an interior depth of approx. 7.5”

"My pottery is about my struggle to create something truly unique. Whether it's a cup, bowl, vase or sculpture, I want it to be beautifully crafted and one of a kind. I appreciate oddities and try to reflect that in my work. For me, each piece of clay is born in the fire and has a lifetime of experiences to share with you. I have a story for each of them. I invite you, the viewer to look at each piece and find your own story." - Andrew Jessup

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