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Black Velvet Size 1/2" Sq. Wash - Watercolor Brushes S3008S

Black Velvet Size 1/2" Sq. Wash - Watercolor Brushes S3008S

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Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes are made with a blend of squirrel and synthetic hairs. This  square wash series S3008S is great for stroke work, background washes and scenic landscapes, as well as lettering and calligraphy. Bevelled for scraping and brushing. 

Clean with Master Brush Cleaner or water. 
Brush care tips can be found here.

 8" long x 1/2" brush width

Dee Silver wondered whether there was a market in the U.S. for high quality brushes. Would people pay more for quality? Was the market enough for a realistic business? Would she be better off in Europe? In 1991, she founded Silver Brush and over the years her questions have been answered by the natural enthusiasm of customers. She started in the New York region but now her brushes are sold and relied upon by artists all over the country and throughout the world.

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