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20's Jazz Student Fountain Pen

20's Jazz Student Fountain Pen

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The color palette of this fountain pen is inspired by the golden twenties: its luscious brown tones, feather boas, cigarette lace, and pinstriped suits. Images that represent an exuberant time, which was celebrated musically, with Jazz. The Student Fountain Pen 20’s Jazz reflects this joy of life and celebrates a feast of elegance and exuberance guided by your hands. The Student Fountain Pen features a gold tone German made nib, gold tone clip, twist off cap and curved pen body made of high-quality resin guarantees a haptic and visual writing pleasure. The pen comes with one unignited royal blue ink cartridge that is stored at the back of the pen. To access the cartridge, first unscrew the pen cap, then unscrew the front part of the pen body. You will find the unignited cartridge inside the pen body, which you can then insert into the front part of the pen body to ignite.

Measures 5" when capped
Nib size - Fine 

Refills available here. Standard converter available here

Kaweco was established in 1883 outside Heidelberg Germany, although it was not yet called Kaweco and the design that is the most recognizable, Kaweco Sport, was not designed until 1911. A fountain pen that was not a heavy, expensive desk piece but rather lightweight and convenient was an innovation. Ballpoint pens, what we would think of as an analogy to this experience, were invented in 1888 but a reasonably functional design was not produced until 1938 and popularization came mostly after World War II, by then the Kaweco Sport was a classic as well as many other designs produced by Kaweco.

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