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Takeji SLD Scissors

Takeji SLD Scissors

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These scissors are the pinnacle of quality, crafted for the precision cutting fibers and fabrics. "SLD" is a trademark of Yasuki Hagane, which is an alloy tool steel called SKD-11 in the JIS standard. The chrome content is 11 to 13, which makes the blades of these scissors resistant to rust. The steel has a high carbon content, which increases its hardness and makes these scissors suitable for cutting hard materials such as chemical fibers.

When used to cut fibers such as cotton and wool, you will experience an enduring sharpness that is several times longer than ordinary scissors.

Stainless steel (SUS410) is used for the bullion and SLD composite steel is used for the steel.

Care instructions with a video demonstration can be found here. 

For four generations, Tajika Haruo has been manufacturing handcrafted scissors and shears in their atelier located in Ono, Japan. Each piece is forged, tempered, shaped and sharpened by a father and son team, using traditional methods of ironworks reminiscent of past Japanese courts. Every specific pair is created to serve a particular purpose in the most functional manner and has been perfected through a dedication to the craft.

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