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Monsoon Pottery

The Petal Collection: Tasting Cup

The Petal Collection: Tasting Cup

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The Petal Collection by Monsoon Pottery and Martha Mae

This wheel thrown porcelain tea tasting cup featuring four or five petals. These cups are designed for the communal serving in gong fu cha, where each individual gets a taste of tea.

Tasting cups measure approximately 2" height x 2.5" diameter

The Petal Collection pays homage to the deep influence that Asian ceramics play in Danielle Chutinthranond's porcelain work and Jean Cate's grandmother's collection of petal cups. Translating the theme of petals into a larger collection, Danielle has taken her passion and knowledge of the Chinese practice of gong fu tea, and handcrafted an exclusive line of porcelain teaware.

Gong fu cha, which loosely translates to "making tea with skill" or "making tea with effort", is a traditional Chinese method of preparing and enjoying tea that dates back hundreds of years. Originating in the Chaozhou and Fujian regions of China, gong fu cha engages all the senses in service of brewing loose leaf tea for tasting. A series of strong successive steeps reveal the full flavor profile of tea. Beyond just tasting tea, gong fu cha can become a personal ritual that fosters mindfulness, appreciation of craftsmanship, and fun.

Learn how to use a gaiwan here.

For further tea information visit West China Tea or join a Chicago Tea Collective event. To explore the making of the Petal Collection, visit our Journal.

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