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Grandmont Street

Tiny White Bowl

Tiny White Bowl

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Tiny white wheel thrown stoneware bowl ideal for an afternoon snack or small breakfast. A matte white glaze over a light stoneware base.

Approximate dimensions: 2.75" x 1.5"

All pieces are handmade and unique, meaning they may vary slightly.

We are so excited to introduce our newest collaboration! Welcome to Tiny Dining. A picnic for your eyes and your imagination featuring miniature yet functional handmade ceramic pieces. We cordially invite you to gobble up this Grandmont Street and Martha Mae experience. Put on your party clothes! You are in for a treat.

"My goal is to make work that could be old, could be new. Timeless and heirloom-focused, not hustled out. Warm, but clean lines. And must feel good in your hand and special in your home." - Julia Finlayson, Grandmont Street Ceramics - Evanson, IL

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