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Watercolor Pencil Bundle

Watercolor Pencil Bundle

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The Watercolor Pencil Bundle is meant to awaken your creativity. Technalo Water Soluble Pencils mix rich graphite with watercolor pigment, making for beautiful colored pencils with the ability to paint over to enhance the deep colors once placed on paper. Paired with a textured hot press watercolor paper, let your ideas flow through you. The Black Velvet size 6 watercolor brush is a wonderful size to add to your collection. Simply dip in water and paint over your Technalo drawing. We've also included an extra special piece, The Petite Tool Holder from our Artist Tools Collection with Grandmont Street. This cup can be used to store your pencils and brush, while also being used as a water cup while painting. This bundle comes gift wrapped.

Each Set Includes:
Black Velvet Size 6 Round Watercolor Brush
Technalo Water Soluble Colored Graphite Pencil - Carmine Lake Red
Technalo Water Soluble Colored Graphite Pencil - Dark Phthalocyanine Green
Technalo Water Soluble Colored Graphite Pencil - Prussian Blue

The Petite Tool Holder 
Watercolor Paper Set of 8"x8" Sheets

Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes are made with a blend of squirrel and synthetic hairs. This  round series S3000S is a great multi use round detail brush: lifts color gently, multiple layer glazing, maximum carrying capacity. 7 5/8" long x approx. 1/8" brush tip width

Technalo water soluble graphite pencils contain an aquarelle lead, allowing uniform darkening of large surfaces, and regular and intense line drawing. 7" long.

Wheel-thrown dark stoneware cup glazed in matte, earthy grey. Imbued with energy due to its handmade nature, the intentional ridge and weight draw this petite cup to your hand. Created as a tool holder for tiny objects in your studio, The Petite Tool Holder can also be used as a household cup. Approx 3" x 2"

Set of five 8”x8” sheets of watercolor paper by Shizen Design. These sheets of 140Ib watercolor paper are made of 100% cotton rag with vegan sizing. The sheets are available in both hot and cold press. The cold will have a rougher, more defined  texture. The hot will be a little smoother, with less surface noise. They're both soft, and take layers of color beautifully.

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