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Zhang Xiao Quan

Zhang Xiao Quan Scissors

Zhang Xiao Quan Scissors

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These are the original scissors Zhang Xiao Quan scissors. Commonly used for pruning in the west, these precision scissors are also perfectly suited for fine fabrics, general use and bonsai trimming. 

blades 3" long, total length approx 6 3/4" 

The manufacture of Zhang Xiao Quan opened its doors in 1663. The brand was designated for imperial use in the Qing dynasty court, where it also received a special award from emperor Qianlong. The crafting of these scissors requires processes that have evolved over three centuries: high quality steel is set into wrought iron which is then forged and hammered into cutting edges. Next, the edges are finely ground with mineral-rich mud bricks from the area. In a recent enhancement, a length of quality tubing has been added to pad the handles and prevent soreness during continuous use. You'll find the action to be smooth and sure.  


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