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Drawing + Graphic Marker Pasta: 10 Colors Set

Drawing + Graphic Marker Pasta: 10 Colors Set

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Solid gel markers that draws smooth like a crayon in vivid yet translucent colors. Can be used for highlighting over fountain pen ink. Also works well on thin papers often used in planners, as it does not bleed through or show on the back of the paper. PASTA comes from Pastel + Art, and like pastels, colors can be layered and blended together. Twisting the bottom will extend the marker. 10 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pale orange, brown, gray, black. 


The KOKUYO Group philosophy is to enrich the world through their products. KOKUYO is constantly looking for ways to make people more creative through careful observation of their lives and work. Stationery is an important tool for intellectual activities, and furniture is an essential factor in composing a space for such activities. By developing products that capture user needs and by offering suggestions on the use of such products, the goal of KOKUYO is to develop a more creative society.

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