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How to Paint a Cloud Bundle - 2nd Edition

How to Paint a Cloud Bundle - 2nd Edition

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Based on our popular How to Paint a Cloud tutorial, we've built some painting bundles so that you can paint your very own cloud. Each set includes everything you need to paint a cloud and sky, but feel free to add your own touches with your own tools as well.

Each Set Includes:
10 ml Tube of White Gouache
Ultra Cloud Paintstone
Almost Night Painstone
Cold Press Watercolor Paper Set of 8"x8" Sheets
Paste Brush
Atelier Squirrel Quill - Oil. Acrylic, and Watercolor - Size 20

*Cloud painting not included


In their gouache tube paints, Caran d’Ache maintains traditional manufacturing methods, using a natural vegetable binder guaranteeing even application and good light resistance. Economical and easy to use, offering unlimited color blending options. The easy to use tube for mixing allow you to achieve even blocks of color or bright and luminous details. 

These paintstones are concentrated balls of watercolor or gouache made by Beam Paints. Each are made with lightfast pigments, wildcrafted tree sap, manitoulin honey, and gum arabic. 

Set of five 8”x8” sheets of watercolor paper by Shizen Design. These sheets of 140Ib watercolor paper are made of 100% cotton rag with vegan sizing.

Noribake Brush with rot-resistant handle. 

Atelier™ Squirrel Hair Quills feature a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. These brushes are very thirsty and have a full belly for absorbing a maximum amount of liquid. Colors flow beautifully onto silk or paper in sweeping strokes that add detail blending marks to your painting.


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