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How to Paint a Tulip Bundle

How to Paint a Tulip Bundle

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Based on our How to Paint a Tulip tutorial, we've built some painting bundles so that you can paint your very own tulips. Each set includes tools you need to paint a tulip of flower of your choosing, but feel free to add your own touches with your own tools as well.

Each set includes:
Studio Tools: The Petite Palette
Paintstones (Beach Rose, Fall Poplar Yellow, Pumpkin, Milkweed)
Black Velvet Watercolor Brush Size 8 Round
Hot Press Watercolor Paper Set of 9"x12" Sheets


Wheel-thrown creamy stoneware palette glazed in satin white. Imbued with energy due to its handmade nature, the smooth and soft finish invites your creative practice. Three hand-formed paint wells, as well as a spouted brush rest, keep your paints safe and secure.

These paintstones are concentrated balls of watercolor or gouache made by Beam Paints. Each are made with lightfast pigments, wildcrafted tree sap, manitoulin honey, and gum arabic. They come in hand made local beeswaxed canvas wrappers which are biodegradable. Each paintstone can be revealed while in use and then re covered for storage or travel.

Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes are made with a blend of squirrel and synthetic hairs. This  round series S3000S is a great multi use round detail brush: lifts color gently, multiple layer glazing, maximum carrying capacity. 

Set of five 9”x12” sheets of watercolor paper by Shizen Design. These sheets of 140Ib watercolor paper are made of 100% cotton rag with vegan sizing. The hot press will be a little smoother, with less surface noise. 

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