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Tools to Liveby

Red Fountain Pen Ink

Red Fountain Pen Ink

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A rich red ink inside of an elegant handmade glass bottle. The deep red KWZ iron gall ink is made in Poland. The organic acid of the ink can effectively protect pen tips, and the lack of ink particles prevents blockage in the bottle. The ink has many layers, made to gradually become darker with age and is resistant to washing and fading. The ink is made for fountain pens and dip pens, and is especially suitable for use on documents that require long term storage. Handmade by a Taiwanese master, the glass bottle is designed to emulate vintage French elegance. The round bottle cap has an excellent feel and grip, making the bottle easy to open. The special glass tube design in the center of the bottle effectively adjusts the ink output, and the design of the inner layer of the bottle reveals beautiful ink marks when used.

30mL of ink
Bottle is approx. 1.7” x 1.7” x 4.5”

Tools to Live By is a stationery brand that began by gathering together some of the best products available for the home and office from brands around the world. They then slowly started to design products of their own. At Martha Mae, we are especially appreciative that they have reintroduced a line of clips and closures who’s designs originate from the 1880’s to 1918. The paper clip we know so well is not the only shape that wire can form in order to hold paper. Before it rose to dominance there was a group of other designs. Using a range of materials and finishes, Tools to Live By, has brought these designs back into production like saving endangered butterflies.
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