As the holidays approach, we are preparing gifts for the champions in our lives. Inspired by our fearless leader, Martha Mae (see above in the pink sweater), we've curated an *extra special* guide to gifting your friends, family, and co-workers.

Looking for something for someone who is active and intelligent? Penny the Poodle has some ideas. What about a thoughtful object for the caretaker in your life? Terry the Terrier can help you out. Martha's pup friends are ready to guide your decisions.

Make your list and check it twice. We're here to assist with all of your gifting needs! 

Penny The Poodle
spins in circles just thinking about how this pencil sharpener works. They love a good clean shave. It’s so satisfying. Pen is fascinated by this puzzle. The weight of the world can feel heavy. This thoughtfully made brain teaser allows the mind to focus and reset. Go gadget go! Having a beautiful scratch pad to exercise your thoughts can make a world of difference. Close your eyes and pick your size! Hold on to the stuff that brings you joy.

Gifts for the Engineer

Lucky the Lab
will never tell you that they don’t like a gift. It can be difficult to shop for someone who licks (ahem likes) everything, but it’s possible. This curiously cool metal keyring really gets their tail wagging. Lucky likes to know when the moon is full so they can invite you over. This fancy gold foil calendar is marvelous! It’s always more fun to howl together! This pretty blue notebook is hard to forget and practically perfect for everyone. It has pockets! These dog paper clips are too cute not to buy in bulk! An extra present in your pantry is never a bad idea. Lucky hates to see anyone leave without a token of their appreciation.

Gifts for the People Pleaser

Edith the Dachshund
likes to keep a low profile. They are a card carrying member of the cool kids club. They think they’re a pretty hot dog! Which nobody can deny! Ed adores being left alone with a small black book. Small enough to stash in an overcoat and big enough to hold a set of stand up jokes. Always dressed for success they have a brass travel pen stashed away in case they need to sign an autograph. A bit of mystery surrounds Edith, a scent of saffron and oud follows wherever they go.

Gifts for the Celebrity

Popcorn the Pit Bull
likes to ham it up! Oh! The tales they will spin. Poppy savors the juicy bits. Reporting on Life from the road. Poppy wants to paint the town red, white and brindle. These petite paintstones really know how to start a conversation. Who can resist trotting all over town to use them? Poppy is always ready for some tea! Sometimes you have to reach out to get the good dirt. This smart letterpress stationery set has everything Poppy needs to reach out to their pawsome friends and informants. Always ready to write, this slick and smooth fountain pen is your partner on the town.

Gifts for the Gossip Columnist


Roxy The Boxer likes to keep it brief. These notecards are great for getting to the point. Heartfelt gestures are always encouraged! Make your loved ones feel royally appreciated. Roxy wants to lay by the fire with their books after an engaging day of thinking, but their puppy dog eyes must eventually retire. This eyeglass stand is there for the magic moment the spectacles go down. But when it's time to wake up, this chrome turtle bell gives off a pleasant sound to bring you back to reality. Sometimes you need to edit your thoughts. Cutting out what doesn’t serve you is a skill we all need to hone. These shears are made for continuous use. Practice cutting off dead ends so you can grow. 

Gifts for the Philosopher

Bobby The Border Collie
is always taking notes. Ethically they doesn’t know how to stand still. It doesn’t sit right with them. This habit tracker makes sure they take the time to play. Color the world a better place with these cheerful markers. They refuse to bleed making each mark matter. Highlight what’s important. These document folios keep all of your jobs organized. It's time to outside! This smart leather tote wants to travel to greener pastures. A change of scenery can help a day fly by. Sit, stay, and smell the roses.

Gifts for the Workaholic

Terry The Terrier
jumps for joy when you walk by. They sense you might show up and have lit the kettle and brought out this cute little jar of cones to lift your spirits. They've also pulled out their canister of tea, so you will sit and stay awhile. Talk out your problems or share your joys. Terry knows just what you need. Take a look at the bookshelf for some inspiration. Lessons are where we least expect them. Tea may turn into wine, served in these hand-blown glasses. Remember to care for the caretaker in your life! 

Gifts for the Care Taker

We all know Martha Martha loves all to-do lists and planners. Penciling in plans is a time-honored tradition. This set of Blackwings will make changing plans a treat. Being flexible is a good trick. Once plans are finalized, seal them off and send them out. These stickers are sure to brighten up your day! Especially on those days you want to curl up like a croissant. Martha loves a little nap!

Gifts for the Boss

Here at Martha Mae, we pack each order with love and care, making sure it is delivered straight to your door or ready for pickup at our Outpost in West Town, Chicago.

If you're looking for a little something extra for your online orders, choose gift wrapping at checkout. Your selections will be wrapped and ready to be shared with your loved ones right out of the box.

More interested in wrapping gifts yourself? We get it, it's fun! Here is our gift-wrapping tutorial to give you some tips and tricks from the Martha Mae team. (hint: there is no tape involved!)